Naso Contadino


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Simple, Exceptional Wine

Naso Contadino Wines are what the Pugliesi drink, the grapes locals know to be the best representation of the land in terms of quality and outstanding value.


Our Story

Naso Contadino, translated “Peasant Nose”, invites you on a journey to the southern region of Italy: Puglia.

Explore the coastal landscapes, hillside vineyards, olive trees and flowing rivers. Meet the locals, their rustic masserias and charming  villas draped in a weave of Holm oaks. Embrace the warm Mediterranean air, the long sunny days, the fertile soil of the countryside.

Experience one of the most delectable wines to share with family and friends, enjoying simple food and company.

Naso Contadino is a delightful experience, as the wine hits your palate every sip bridges the gap between the sweet aromas your senses taste and the palette your mind paints.


Puglia, Italy

The Puglia region in Italy is well known for its diverse beauty and delicious wines. From expansive farmland to dramatic coastlines, the region is prime for producing some of the best wine Southern Italy has to offer. Naso Contadino wines are classic examples of the flavor profiles most often associated with Puglia grapes; big juicy reds and dry mellow whites.